Pilot Referral Program (PRP)

Welcome to our professional Pilot Referral Program! WASINC International is the largest pilot leasing company in China. We created the “PRP” for anyone – pilot or not – to recommend friends/family/colleagues who might be interested in flying in China; the fastest growing and highest paying aviation market in the world.  In return, we offer a very attractive incentive bonus for all your referrals who are successfully hired.

The referral program is very simple: You refer pilot candidates to WASINC by inputting their name and e-mail address on our website; if a candidate applies for any job via our website within 60 days and eventually gets hired and completes the line check process with any of our customers who are currently leasing pilot from WASINC, you will receive $1500USD as a commission.

Why join WASINC referral program?

1. WASINC is the largest pilot leasing company in China. we contracted over 30 Airlines, which is over 95% of the Airlines in China. By referring them to us, you are helping your friends.

2. Easy to set up. You just need to sign up for a free WASINC account. You can make referrals 24/7 via our online system.

3. Real-time reporting. You can check how many candidates you have referred, their status, and how much you have earned in real-time.


How do I get started?

1.       Go to the login page and sign up/sign in to your account.

2.       Enter your friend’s name, e-mail address, and phone number in the system.

3.       If the pilot does not have a current active job application in the system, you will be given credit for this referral.

4.       You can then track the status (active or inactive) of your referrals via your personal transparent account called “My Wallet”.


What are the Rules?

WASINC International will conduct the professional Pilot Referral Program based on the following rules:

1.       Only when the referral/candidate meets all the following criteria shall he/she be deemed as a valid referral:

·         Candidate’s full name and e-mail address should be correct and valid.

·         Candidate has no current application in the WASINC recruiting system.

·         Candidate has no other valid referral at the time.

·         You are not allowed to refer yourself.

2.       Your referrals must apply for a specific job(s) within sixty (60) days from the time of your referral.  Applications beyond that date will no longer be deemed as your referral. 


Interested? Sign up and start earning money now.


**WASINC reserves the right to set the limits on this program.