Open Letter from the President and CEO of WASINC
Throughout history, humanity has faced and overcome unprecedented challenges. It is during these times when generations work together, countries collaborate, and humanity unites to persevere and ultimately overcome the challenge.
Published Date: Mar/25/2020

CAAC ATPL Written Test Study Material for 2019
We are pleased to released the most latest CAAC ATPL Written Test Question Bank
Published Date: Jul/29/2019

Chinese airlines court Cathay pilots facing pay squeeze
SHANGHAI/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Chinese airlines are circling disaffected pilots at Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways (0293.HK), offering sky-high salaries to fill a shortage of experienced captains in a rapidly expanding aviation industry.
Published Date: Nov/25/2017

Qingdao Airlines Now Recruiting Foreign A320 Captains
SHENZHEN—In cooperation with Qingdao Airlines, WASINC International is now recruiting A320 captains for this growing, Shandong Province-based airline.
Published Date: May/20/2016

WASINC Captain Named “Most Advanced” by Shenzhen Airlines
SHENZHEN – WASINC pilot Gregory P. Bujna was recently named Shenzhen Airlines’ Most Advanced Employee of 2015.
Published Date: May/12/2016

Ruili Airlines Begins Recruiting Foreign Captains
SHENZHEN – WASINC International has added yet another airline partner to its portfolio of pilot job opportunities in China.
Published Date: May/11/2016

GX Airlines Begins Recruiting Foreign Captains
SHENZHEN -- WASINC International is pleased to announce the newest addition to its collection of airline partners and another great job opportunity in China for foreign pilots
Published Date: Mar/30/2016

Chengdu Airlines Interviews in Moscow!
Chengdu Airlines will interview A320 Captains in Moscow in May, 2016.
Published Date: Feb/29/2016

OK Airways New contract $265k/year B737efis/NG
OK Airways has announced dramatic improvements in their compensation.
Published Date: Jan/18/2015

Sichuan Airlines - New Contract!
Sichuan Airlines has announced drastic changes to their compensation, and improved their commuting options
Published Date: Jan/18/2015

Capital Airlines Job Fair! Miami Nov.10-15
Capital Airlines will be in Miami doing informational briefings about their company as well as interviews for qualified individuals.
Published Date: Jan/18/2015

China Lures U.S. Pilots Tired of 14-Year Wait for
China Lures U.S. Pilots Tired of 14-Year Wait for Airline Captain’s Seat
Published Date: Apr/11/2014