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A330 Captains for Tianjin Airlines
Creative scheduling options
Job Details:

Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 500 hours PIC time on type with a total of 3000 hours.
  • Current on type within 12 months (possible exceptions on a case-by-case basis)
  • Valid ATP license, valid passport, Class A Medical
  • Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China (ICAO member country)
  • No incidents or accidents (must provide letter from current company)
  • Must provide a notarized and authenticated proof of no criminal history
  • Age:  A330 Captains up to age 55.

For Boeing (non-rated) Captains, if you meet the following requirements, you may qualify for transition to the A330:

1. be a PIC for more than 1 year.

2. more than 500 hour PIC time on type (B767, B747-400, B777)

3. more than 4000 hour flying time.

Contract Term: 4 years

Domicile:  Tianjin, China

Up to $307,000 per year!  (Airline pays Chinese tax...see note below)

Tianjin Airlines offers a variety of Pay and vacation packages.  Please see the table below for details.

Local options: 

1) 90 days of paid leave $25,583/mo
 2) 110 days of paid leave $24,083/mo
 3) 120 days of paid leave $23,283/mo
 4) 130 days of paid leave $22,483/mo

Commuting Options:

1) four weeks on, four weeks off...$15,238/mo
2) six weeks on, and 3 weeks off...$ 23,083/mo

1. Education benefit.  Tianjin Airlines will pay 30% of the total tuition cost for up to 2 children if they attend the Tianjin Wellington School
2. Instructor bonus:  $500 per month if you are selected as a line trainer
3. Flight stoppage insurance.  If you are grounded for medical reasons, you can receive a benefit of $120/day.
4. Renewal Bonus.  If you renew your contract at the end of 4 years, you will receive an additional $5,000.
5. Flight Benefits:  you can purchase 80% reduced tickets on Tianjin and Hainan flights. Maximum 30 per year

Training pay: 60% of salary during ground school (maximum 54 working days). 80% Salary during Line training (maximum 73 days), and 90% during final observation, until fully qualified.

NOTE:  A maximum of 14 days paid leave will be allowed per calendar month.  Commuting schedule starts AFTER ground school.

Annual Leave can be sold back to the company based on operational need for $850/day.

For detailed information about the various scheduling options and pay levels, please send us a message at

Note about Compensation and Taxation:
The compensation amounts listed above have been provided by the airline.  The airline has agreed to pay all taxes owed in China on the different compensation amounts and provide a tax receipt to the pilot. All tax matters are handled by the airline including payment of tax and provision of a tax receipt. WASINC does not pay taxes on behalf of either the pilot or airline, nor does it provide tax receipts.  As taxes in China vary by jurisdiction and the type of payment received, we highly recommend that all candidates confirm directly with the airline as to how much tax is paid in China in order to obtain a full understanding of the compensation associated with the job listing.  Pilots are ultimately responsible for any tax owed in their home country which may or may not be affected by tax paid by the airline.

Employer Tianjin Airlines
Role Flight Crew
Position Full Time
Location Tianjin China
Required Type Rating A330,B767,B747-400/800,B777,
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